Cultural Routes, Routes of Political Influence. French Public Museums. Par Martine Corral-Regourd et Nicolas Peyre
on the November 24, 2021
Corral-Regourd Martine, Peyre Nicolas (2021), Cultural Routes, Routes of Political Influence. French Public Museums in « Cultural roads and cultural itineraries », Alcantara C ,Paquette J, Lacassagne A (co-dir.). London : Palgrave Macmillan, p 225-249.

Shanghai, Abu Dhabi and Malaga can be regarded as some of the latest stages of a cultural route designed by French museums outside their borders. Their activities are manifold: travelling exhibits, co-production exhibits, loans of works, storage of works, brand licensing, co-branding, partnership agreements, engineering services (consulting and training), sale of image rights, sale of derivative products and museum creation. The cultural routes created through these various methods are ‘routes of influence’, synonymous with political influence at an international scale. Ultimately, they demonstrate a museum diplomacy that is part of France’s diplomacy of influence from a geopolitical perspective.
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