Area 1: Space(s)

An ambitious goal!

The Space(s) research area (new frontiers, new markets, new opportunities) p
ursues an ambitious objective. It seeks to unite studies from various disciplines (law, economics, physics, sociology, history) around a new concept: Space, or more accurately, Spaces.

Space differs from Territory. Space transcends the latter by bringing it into the digital arena or pushing it beyond traditional notions. It covers the ethereal cyberspace that is today dominated by the revolution instigated by the Internet and digital networks and, perhaps tomorrow, continued by artificial intelligence. Yet, it is also the space beyond our atmosphere. It would be reductive to consider this space as just the orbits (geosychronous, medium-earth or low-earth) on which to position satellite systems of various types and scopes, or as the frequency bands used. It has become a genuine marketplace with three principal segments: earth-space, space-earth and, very soon thanks to on-orbit servicing, space-space.

At the heart of the Space(s) research area is the SIRIUS (Space Institute for Research on Innovative Uses of Satellites) Chair, created in 2013 and extended in 2018. It is the first European chair to straddle the concepts of space and territory.

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Head of research area: Prof. Lucien Rapp