Master (Hons) in Political Science, specialisation in International Relations and Security Policies

The objective of this degree is to offer further education in international relations with a focus on international security issues as classically understood, including cybersecurity, and under the broader perspective of global security. The studies in international relations seeks to standardise the students’ knowledge in this field. This master’s degree is one of the very few courses in France dealing with security.

Career prospects: The specialisation of this degree orients students towards careers within international organisations, whether governmental or otherwise, European institutions, security-related positions or other position in security companies. The degree provides greater accessibility to the growing number of careers linked to the field of domestic and international security, whether through direct recruitment or through a public examination.

The job prospects for foreign students are mainly within university careers or diplomatic missions. However, the accelerated internationalisation of business has created a host of interesting opportunities.

The growing partnerships with companies, especially those in the aerospace industry, which is very robust in Toulouse, also provides job opportunities in this area. A university-business partnership is currently being established in relation to cybersecurity.
Course coordinator:

  Bernard Labatut, Lecturer