Small Satellite Constellations, Infrastructure Shift and Space Market Regulation. Lucien Rapp and Maria Topka
on the June 17, 2021
In "Legal Aspects Around Satellite Constellations" pages1-28

With the commissioning of the first constellations of hundreds or even thousands of small satellites, we are witnessing today an infrastructure shift. While it has not completely distanced the exploration and use of outer space from the dramatic geopolitical and military implications they once entailed for States, it is undoubtedly transforming this realm into a new economic frontier of competition, with its predominant players, this time being private profit-driven actors sensitive to market forces. As the exploitation of outer space becomes more economically viable, new commercial services should emerge through the deployment of SmallSat constellations and the provision of services by means thereof, creating a risk of increased dependency of the services consumed on earth on these new infrastructures. Therefore, new legal challenges pertaining to competition, foreign investment and the global economy as a whole do arise.

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ISBN: 9783030713843
ISBN-10: 3030713849
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: June 17th, 2021
Pages: 211
Language: English
Series: Studies in Space Policy

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