Violence and humiliation in the digital age: a study in a school setting. By Giorgia Macilotti
on the October 16, 2019
Issue - ‘Online humiliation: stakeholders, investigation techniques and prevention’, journal Médecine & Hygiène | « Déviance et Société » 2019/3 (Vol. 43) edited by Giorgia Macilotti (IDETCOM). Article pp 299-328

This article analyses online aggression and humiliation through the prism of ‘cyberviolence’. These trends are examined based on the results of a questionnaire given to a sample of 900 pupils aged 9-17 from schools in a department in south-west France. It analyses the nature and characteristics of cyberviolence by focusing both on acts considered humiliating and degrading by the interviewees and their link to more ‘traditional’ forms of violence. The article highlights the importance of studying the interactions between online and offlne experiences in order to understand forms of violence in the digital age.

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