on the October 22, 2019

21-25 October 2019

Washington D.C., United States

SIRIUS Chair is present at the IAC 2019 with a hot topic: "Artificial Intelligence in Space: Are Intelligent Space Objects the Promise?" on our Special Session on Tuesday, the 22nd of October, 16.30-18h

We gathered an amazing panel!

Brent Sherwood from Blue Origin; James Parr, Director of the Frontier Development Lab (NASA), FDL Europe (ESA) and CEO Trillium Technologies; Space scientist and aerospace engineerMoriba Jah, University of Texas; Brian Israel, co-founder and legal counsel for ConsenSys Space; Thomas Fouquet, fromCNES; and Diane Howard, from the Department of Commerce of the USA.

Intelligent space objects seemingly offer a promising future. They can be deployed as rovers and probes for assessing data in real-time, be used as on-orbit servicing robots, monitor and evaluate terrestrial disasters and refugee migration through real-time imagery analysis, enhance planetary protection, and assist in navigating through and the remediation of debris.

In addition to the vital role machine intelligent will play in space based ventures, one related area of focus is how much autonomy, if any, intelligent space objects should have and what decisions necessitate human oversight

Multi-disciplinary issues exist with the deployment of intelligent space objects, which span the intersection of law, public policy, ethics, engineering, cybersecurity, national security, planetary protection and other areas and our Special Session is here to discuss it and to promote a Working Group on the topic for a wider and prospective dialogue. 

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