Regional authorities and the Public-Government Relations Code
on the December 14, 2017
Manufacture des Tabacs
Amphi Guy Isaac
On 1 January 2016, the French Public-Government Relations Code (CRPA for short) came into force. It is a statute born from a policy for state reform and the simplification of relations between the administration and public.

While the code has been the subject of several studies, no comprehensive research has been done specifically on its application to and by regional authorities.

The text of the code shows on several counts that local specificity had been considered. The difficulties that authorities would have met explain why the legislature opted for a differentiated application in several provisions. Furthermore, many exemptions for local authorities were introduced to the general rules in the code. The legislature hammered out a bespoke and variable scope of application for the code through its provisions. However, does this not create legal uncertainty for those local authorities?

The conference first seeks to provide a general perspective of the place of regional authorities in the Public-Government Relations Code and examine the difficulties faced by those authorities in implementing the CRPA. It is hoped that answers to a series of questions will be found by assessing the results of the CRPA during its first two years since enactment, and that viewpoints can be outlined to help better define the new legal framework.

Event coordinator: Sébastien Saunier, professor of public law, IDETCOM Deputy Director

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