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A Decade of Media Coverage of the Social Reintegration of Terrorism-Related Convicts: France as a Case Study. aroline Da Silva, Nicolas Amadio, Rachel Sarg, Bruno Domingo & Massil Benbouriche
le 18 septembre 2023
In "Terrorism and Political Violence" : https://doi.org/10.1080/09546553.2023.2248269


The social reintegration of terrorism-related convicts in Europe is a pressing issue. Public opinion can play an essential role in this by making it easier or more difficult to implement (and succeed with) social reintegration strategies. Considering the media’s influence on shaping public opinions, attitudes, and social representations, the present research offers a case study by reviewing a decade (2011–2022) of media coverage of the social reintegration of terrorism-related convicts in the seven most read national daily newspapers in France. Results reveal that the topic is very little covered, with 395 newspaper articles published over a decade, and mostly discussing deradicalization, specifically, rather than social reintegration at large. Cluster analysis via Reinert’s method reveals that when the topic is discussed it revolves around political and security management (political discourse and security measures), target population (radical Muslims and returnees), and tertiary prevention programs (programs in prison and open settings). A time series analysis of clusters shows their chronological evolution. These findings and their implications for generating (mis)trust in the social reintegration of terrorism-related convicts amongst the general public are discussed.

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