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Rising Traffic on the Way of St James: The Expression of a Cultural Dynamic? Christophe Alcantara
le 24 novembre 2021
In « Cultural roads and cultural itineraries », Alcantara C ,Paquette J, Lacassagne A (co-dir.). London : Palgrave Macmillan, pp 89-107.


This chapter will examine the political appropriation of the Way of St James. The question concerns the nature of the ways in the present day to determine whether a shift is underway, before our very eyes, from a domain of worship to a cultural one. First, we will focus on the renewed popularity of the Way of St James through a quantitative and qualitative analysis. Second, we will study the current political appropriation of the Way of St James and, lastly, we will dedicate the third part to analysing how the ways have shifted from religion to culture.

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